Welcome to Atsumi Chiropractic Clinic!

Thank you for visiting our website. We are located in Kitanagoya-City, Aichi, Japan and specialized in treating conditions which has strong connection with SPINAL MISALIGNMENTS such as Neck Pain, Back Pain, Low Back Pains, Headaches, Shoulder Stiffness, Numbess & Tingling of Upper/Lower Extremities, and Joint Pains.
Dr. Atsumi’s approach is to REMOVE UNDERLINING CAUSE of your symptoms (=Spinal Misalignments) so that you will get FAST and LASTING RESULTS rather than relieving your symptoms temporally with drugs, injections or even surgery.

Dr. Kanta Atsumi, a U.S. Licensed Chiropractor, has 20 years of clinical experiences and helped recovering thousands of patients successfully in his career.
You can book an appointment thru Book an Appt. Online or call at 0568-23-1120.
院長 渥美幹太D.C.
Yours in Good Health,

Dr. Kanta Atsumi, D.C., M.D.T
U.S. Licensed Doctor of Chiropractic
Certified Mckenzie Therapist

Why Choose Us? Here is how we are different from other Medical Approach.

   Dr. Atsumi’s Approach Other Medical Approach
*Spinal Mobilization &
Medications / Electric Stimulation
Massage / Injections/ Surgery
Objective of
Remove Underlining Cause of
Symptoms (Spinal Misalignment)
Relieve / Mask Symptoms
Underline Cause are left untreated
Symptoms Recurrence Rate
Highly Effective
Low Recurrence Rate
Low or No Effectiveness
High Recurrence Rate
*Dr. Atsumi’s Manual Treatment does NOT involve any cracking or forceful adjustment.

3 Tips to Get the Most out of Your Treatment

  1. Receive Treatment Frequently at the First Month
    The more frequent you receive treatment, the faster you will recover.
    (eg. Twice / week for the first 2 weeks, & Once / week for the next 2 weeks)
    You will be maintaining the effectiveness of treatment longer and recover faster.
  2. Start Treatment Immediately
    The earlier the stage you start, the faster you will recover.
    The later the stage, the worse your condition gets and takes longer to heal.
  3. Follow Doctor’s Advise
    Following Doctor’s advise is just as important as each treatment. Treatment itself account for 50% of your end results, and the rest comes from your compliance.
Once your condition has stabilized, we strongly recommend to receive Regular Maintenance Care to maintain your wellness & minimize the risk of recurrence.

Fee schedule (Oct 1st. 2019~)

First Visit
( or more than 12mo. since last visit) ∼60min.
6,000 Yen
(tax included)
Follow Up Visit
( less than 12 mo. since last visit) 30∼40min.
4,000 Yen
(tax included)
After Hour Visit (upon request) 2,000Yen
(tax included)
in addition to regular Fee
*We accept major credit card.

Office Hours

Mon ~ Fri: 9am-12pm/3pm-7pm    Sat:9am-12pm/1pm-3pm    Closed: Sun/Holidays


You can book an appointment thru Book an Appt. Online or call at 0568-23-1120
We take New Patient ONLY on WEEKDAYS (Mon ~ Fri) since we are busy on Saturday for returning patients. We apologize for an inconvenience and appreciate your understanding. 


Address: 29-2 Mirokujihigashi 3 chome, Kitanagoya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan 481-0031
Tel : 0568-23-1120
Parking: 3 car parking space available.
Nearest Station 1) 10 min. by walk from Tokushige Nagoya Geidai Stn. (Meitetsu Inuyama Line)
2) 20 min. by walk or 5 min. By taxi from Nishiharu Stn. (Meitetsu Inuyama Line).
〒481-0031 愛知県北名古屋市弥勒寺東三丁目29-2番地
平日 月~金 9時~12時/15時~19時
土 9時~12時/13時~15時
<休診日> 日曜・祝日・その他
TEL: 0568-23-1120(予約制)