Awakening your INNATE INTELLIGENCE to the Fullest!

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We are located in Kitanagoya-City, Aichi, Japan and specialized in treating conditions which may be caused by Spinal Misalignment (e.g. Neck Pain, Back Pain, Headaches, Shoulder Stiffness, Numbness/Tingling, Joint Pains, Palpitations, Shortness of Breath, Dizziness, Heartburn, Indigestion, Loss of Appetite, Constipation, Diarrhea, Irregular Menstruation and etc.).

We all are born with an INNATE INTELLIGENCE that keep us Live and Stay Healthy.
When you are cold, your body tighten up the muscle to warm you up, and when you are hot, your body try to cool down by sweating. When you cut your skin or break bone, your body know how to heal itself. When virus or bacteria invade your body, your immune function kicks in. You also can move your hands and legs to go anywhere and enjoy any sports as you wish. 
But, How these intelligence work? 
Your brain sends precise messages to your body thru spinal cord and Nerve network.

But what happens if there is any Blockage in your Nerve Network?   
Your body can no longer receive correct message from your brain, consequently your body cannot function as it should. That is when you have symptoms and illnesses. 

And most common location that Nerve Blockage takes place in your Spine.

When your spine goes out of its normal alignment, it interferes with nerve communication(=nerve interference).

Chiropractor find and correct Spinal Misalignment and Remove Nerve Interference so that your body can receive precise message from your brain and function as it supposed to. 

Chiropractic do not just treat your symptoms or illnesses, but we focus on awakening your INNATE intelligence to the FULLEST Potential!     
Dr. Kanta Atsumi, a U.S. licensed chiropractor, has over 20 yrs. of clinical experience and helped recover thousands of patients successfully. 
If you are suffering from any physical issues, we are here to help you.!   
Please feel free to call us or book for a consultation. We do speak Japanese and English! 
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We are looking forward to seeing you!  You can book an appointment thru Book an Appt. Online or call at 0568-23-1120
院長 渥美幹太D.C.
Yours in Good Health,
Dr. Kanta Atsumi, D.C., M.D.T
U.S. Licensed Doctor of Chiropractic
Certified Mckenzie Therapist

Why Choose Us? Here is how we are different from other Medical Approach.

   Dr. Atsumi’s Approach Other Medical Approach
*Spinal Mobilization &
Medications / Electric Stimulation
Massage / Injections/ Surgery
Objective of
Remove Underlining Cause of
Symptoms (Spinal Misalignment)
Relieve / Mask Symptoms
Underline Cause are left untreated
 Recurrence Rate
Fast & Highly effective  
Little or No effect
*Dr. Atsumi’s Manual Treatment is Very GENTLE, SAFE & EFFECTIVE for any generations. 
It does NOT involve any aggressive manipulations or cracking adjustment.

3 phases of treatment for your recovery 

  1. Relieving phase                                                                                          When we start the treatment, our focus is to relieve your symptoms as quickly as we can! You can expect fastest recovery by squeezing treatment intervals.         (e.g. 2x / week for the first 2-4 weeks)                                                           
  2. Correcting and Stabilizing Phase 
      Many patients assume your body is fixed when they felt symptoms had relieved.             However, if you terminate treatment prematurely, your symptom may come back           at any time. In order for your problem to be completely healed and stabilized, 
       we encourage you to continue receiving treatment for another month. 
       (e.g. 1x / week for 4 weeks)                                                                            
  3. Maintenance Phase                                                                                                After Your symptoms had subsided for a month, and you feel healthy, then let's             maintain it! Remember how you had fell into pains and aches at the first place?             Our body is being exposed to many stress every day causing Spinal Misalignment.         Leaving Spinal Misalignment untreated leads to spinal decay and nerve damage.             Please check and correct your Spinal Misalignment regularly by your Chiroparctor!          (e.g. 1~2x / each month regularly)
Even if you dont have any symptoms, it does NOT mean you have no problem.                Regular Chiropractic care not only prevent pains and aches caused by spinal degeneration and nerve damage, but it helps your body to function as it supposed to and stay HEALTHY! 

Fee schedule

First Chiropractic Consultation 
First time  or >1yr. since last visit 
( Monday ~ Friday ) ∼60min.
8,000 Yen
(tax included)
Follow Up / Regular Chiropractic Consultation 
( <1 Yr. since last visit) 30∼40min.
4,000 Yen
(tax included)
FREE Chiropractic Consultation
(Thursday morning) ~15min. 
Brief consultation only. Detail exams & Treatment will NOT be provided. 
(By Appointment Only)
※We DO accept major credit card.

Office Hours

Mon ~ Fri: 9am-12pm/2pm-7pm    Sat:9am-12pm/1pm-3pm    Thurs/Sun/Holidays: Closed


You can book an appointment thru Book an Appt. Online or call at 0568-23-1120


Address: 29-2 Mirokujihigashi 3 chome, Kitanagoya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan 481-0031
Tel : 0568-23-1120
Parking: 3 car parking space available.
Nearest Station 1) 10 min. by walk from Tokushige Nagoya Geidai Stn. (Meitetsu Inuyama Line)
2) 20 min. by walk or 5 min. By taxi from Nishiharu Stn. (Meitetsu Inuyama Line).
Atsumi Chiropractic Clinic
29-2 Mirokujihigashi 3 chome Kitanagoya, Aichi Japan 481-0031 
Mon~Fri: 9am~12pm / 2pm~7pm
Sat: 9am~12pm / 1pm~3pm 
Thurs/Sun/Holidays: Closed
(※By Appointment Only. )
TEL: 0568-23-1120(予約制)
※If You have any questions or concerns, please give us a call! 
We DO speak English!